Health Benefits of Pine Honey

A 2007 study examined the differences between nectar and honeydew honey. The conclusion was that honeydew honey is superior to nectar honey. Researches also found Greek pine honey to be better than all others with regards to its strong antibacterial properties. It displays antibacterial effects against the following  bacteria: Coli, Marcescens, Sphaericus, Epidermidis, Subtilis

Pine tree honey has a full-bodied yet quite pleasant flavor that is suggestive of pine sap. It is also one of those honey that constitute a perfect and much healthier alternative to table sugar. It is particularly suitable for sweetening black teas.

Pine honey has anti-inflammatory properties, is antioxidant, immunostimulant, cleansing and can assist in the cure of some bacterial, dermatological, degenerative, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

When used externally it is beneficial for wounds and rheumatic diseases.